“I am” Poem

Elisa was given an assignment in high school her senior year. It was to write a poem describing who she was as an individual. Elisa shared that many of the student’s poems were very depressing, with little hope or enthusiasm for the future. She was very excited about this assignment and looked forward to presenting her poem in class.


“I Am”
Written by Elisa Gastellum
September 2004

I wonder when I wake in the morning,

what will happen today, and what Jesus

has in store for me. I hear mom and dad

reminding me to keep going for my goals

and they will be accomplished.

I see my bright future, which will be

determined by hard work, a positive attitude,

and of course, faith.

I am grateful, lucky, thankful, honored

and a musician.

I worry about my family,

fellow classmates and friends

that lack vision and hope for the future.

I understand life is too short, so

everyday I live life to the fullest.

I say, “Boo Cholla”,

but deep inside I know Cholla’s

freakin bad dude!

I pretend there is no racism or hate,

and go on with my life. I feel enthusiastic

about graduating and pursuing my goals.

I touch the face of Christ and ask Him

to lead me in the right direction.

I cry when I see loved ones struggle, hurt,

and leave this earth too soon.

I am grateful, lucky, thankful, honored,

and a musician.

I dream that I become a professional

musician and teach young kids about

the wonderful sounds of Mariachi Music.

I try everyday to show not just myself, but mom,

dad, Xavier, Marisol, Grandpa Ralph, and all

my family, that this little lady will become a champ!

I hope for my classmates, that their dreams,

goals, and values will always matter in their life

and that they will all be granted and accomplished.

I am grateful, lucky, thankful, honored,

and a musician.