Tucson International Mariachi Conference

The first mariachi conference that Elisa participated in was the Tucson International Mariachi Conference in the spring of 2001. The opportunity to hear and learn from the best mariachi groups in the world gave her a deeper appreciation and passion for the music.

The first Elisa Gastellum Memorial Scholarship was awarded in April, 2008.

About this scholarship:

High School mariachi groups can compete to win a $1700 scholarship prize designated for school-affiliated mariachi groups made up of 9th – 12th grade students from any public high school mariachi group that is registered for the Tucson Mariachi Conference. The scholarship includes $1200 tuition underwriting to be used towards enrolling in the Tucson International Mariachi Conference Workshops. The winning group receives the $500 for program development.

How to Apply

1. Go to www.tucsonmariachi.org to download application in MS Word or click here. Complete the forms in MSWord and submit as attachment to the following email address: esoelisa@aol.com

2. As part of the application each student in the performing group must submit an essay of 100 – 150 words.

Essay Topic: How has mariachi music influenced your life and/or encouraged you to follow your dreams and goals?

3. Finalist groups will have an in-person audition and interview session with board members of the Elisa Gastellum Memorial Foundation.

Award winning group will perform at the Participant Showcase and will also be featured at the Fiesta de Garibaldi.

TIMC Recipients: