30 Questions

Elisa had to answer 30 questions as a contestant for the competition.  These would be used for her televised interview on Univision.

“30 Questions for Mariachi Festival” Nov. 11, 2005

1. When and why did you start to sing?
I started singing 3 years ago. My brother signed me up for mariachi class. I didn’t know I could sing, and I didn’t know how to play an instrument. When I went to my first mariachi conference, is when I realized that I wanted to pursue Mariachi music.

2. What other talents do you possess?

3. If you win in the Festival de Mariachi, what are you going to do?
Whether I win or lose, what matters most is that it’s a great honor to have been selected. I feel that if I win, that it could open up the door to a career in music.

4. If you don’t win in the Festival de Mariachi what will you do?
I will continue to work hard at becoming better.

5. What are your personal goals in life?
To perform mariachi music around the world alongside the best mariachis, especially Mariachi Vargas.

6. What have you studied in the area of singing?
Voice in Mariachi conferences held in Tucson, Las Vegas, and Las Cruces. I have also begun taking voice lessons with Monica Trevino, an awesome singer who sang with Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano.

7. Who is your favorite musical star?
Rocio Durcal, because she is so versatile. She sings different forms of music, and was also an actress.

8. Do you have a superstition or ritual that you do every time you’re going to perform?
I pray, and say, “Here we go Lord.”

9. Who is your favorite male artist?
Luis Miguel

10. Who is your favorite female artist?
Aida Cuevas

11. What has been the best moment in your life?
Right now, because my dreams are coming true.

12. What has been your most embarrassing moment in your life?
Can’t think of one

13. When was the moment that you felt very proud in your life?
Last year (2004) in Las Cruces. After I sang, the audience yelled, “Otra!, Otra!”

14. If you could not sing, what talent would you most like to have?
Be able to master an instrument.

15. Name 3 qualities that a musical star should have.
Faith, confidence, humility

16. What do you think about the judges?
I want the judges to be able to feel that I’m singing from the heart.

17. Reveal an intimate secret.
It hurts me when… (Elisa didn’t finish this answer.)

18. How has Festival Mariachi changed your life?
First of all it was an honor to be selected. It has shown me that if I pursue this career that it takes hard work. I realize the importance now to learn Spanish, and it has given me a new confidence and belief in myself.

19. Who are your heroes in life?
My hero in life is Jesus Christ. He’s blessed me with a wonderful family and the gift of singing.

20. What has been your largest obstacle in life?
Learning Spanish, because growing up I didn’t think it would be so important.

21. If you win, who will you thank first?
God, because all good things come through Him. He gave me the gift of voice first. It’s up to me to do something with that gift.

22. What do you expect from this contest?
I expect to get a shot at becoming the next rising star in Mariachi music.

23. 5 words to describe me?
Positive, happy, spiritual, humble, and passionate

24. Has being a singer closed a door in your life?
Unfortunately yes. I am not in a Mariachi group, because I don’t have a passion for playing an instrument. My passion is singing Mariachi music.

25. Do you compose songs or write poems?
Not yet.

Tell us about your career as a singer?
It’s been only 4 years that I began to sing Mariachi songs. The experiences I’ve had have been to sing in restaurants and at conferences. That has been overwhelming.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Participating in conferences and seeing great singers perform in concert, like Luis Miguel or Aida Cuevas. It fills me with the desire to be like them someday.

Do you think Eduardo Jimenez Pons is super cool?
Eduardo Jimenez Pons is a man I will never forget. He has boosted my confidence tremendously. I’m happy God chose him to be the producer because he makes you feel special. He’s also a funny man. I’ve been looking forward to meeting him.

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